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What’s new in Uber Eats? September 2021

September 20 / Australia

Here’s the September product round-up.

Launch 1

Say it with a story: New Restaurant storytelling on Uber Eats

A new way to share updates and help connect with more customers is here. The Uber Eats Stories feature lets you post regular updates to your storefront, so you can keep your followers in the loop on what’s new and unique about your menu and cuisine. Find out from your account manager how to build even better connections with new and existing customers.

How it works: 

Step 1: Log in to Uber Eats Manager

To log in to Uber Eats Manager, visit and enter your credentials. Once logged in, locate the Marketing tab in the left-hand navigation. 

Step 2: Provide content details 

Simply provide a headline (25 character limit) and body text (160 character limit) that lets customers know what’s going on. This is the perfect space to share special deals, recent changes, new services, seasonal promotions and more. Get creative — you can post up to 20 Stories at once. Your background image will automatically be filled and formatted using your Uber Eats header photo. 

Step 3: Review with Uber Eats and go live

Review your Story content, accept the Terms & Conditions, then click Got it in the bottom right corner to submit it to our team for review. Reviews can take up to 48 hours for approval. You can check the status of your submission in the All Campaigns section of the Marketing tab. 

Use your account to post regular updates to the in-app storefront. Keep customers engaged and monitor performance via Uber Eats Manager. Stories stay live on the app for 7 days and you can have up to 20 Stories live at any given time.

Launch 2

Take control of your roles and permissions in Uber Eats Manager

Every user can now be assigned a role and corresponding permissions at a location or store level, allowing your store’s Uber Eats Manager users to interact with only the pages they need. Each user will be able to view a variety of different permissions such as stores, analytics, insights and reporting. There will be three roles: Admin, Manager and Staff.  Their permissions include: 

Admin: Full access to Uber Eats Manager. 

Manager: Access to every feature and all pages. Managers can do things like:

  • Update menu: Edit your store menu and add photos
  • View analytics: Track sales, customer metrics and operations data
  • Create marketing campaigns: Run ads, promotions and loyalty programs 
  • Use restricted features: Only you and your store’s Admin can see payment and tax info, invite other Managers and Staff users, and customise account settings

Staff: Access to key features and most pages. Staff can do things like:

  • Update menu: Edit your store menu and add photos
  • Track and manage store info: View analytics and sales data, and set holiday hours 

How to manage roles and preferences: 

  1. Log in: Sign in to Uber Eats Manager with your username and password.  
  2. Create user types: Select Users on the left-hand menu. Click or tap + Add User.
  3. Edit user types: Select Users on the left-hand menu. Find the name of the user and click the 3 dots to the right of the screen. You have the option to:
    1. Edit their role
    2. Resend the invite
    3. Remove the user
  4. Manage preferences: Get the news that matters most to you. You can easily view and update your email preferences in your account settings. Choose which emails you want to receive and unsubscribe at any time—no questions asked.