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What’s new in Uber Eats?October 2021

October 18, 2021 / Australia

Here’s the October product round-up.

Launch 1

Give customers more ways to order from you with Online Ordering, powered by Uber Eats.

Integrate Uber Eats into your website with Online Ordering to allow customers to place pick up or delivery orders directly from your own website. This means you can leave demand handling to us (order creation, checkout, payment processing, order tracking), so you can make your business more accessible to new and existing customers!

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: Log in to Uber Eats Manager

To log into Uber Eats Manager, visit and enter your credentials. Once logged in, locate the ‘Online Ordering’ tab in the left hand navigation. 

Step 2: Create your page

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, your Online Ordering page is created in one click. If you have multiple locations, you’ll get multiple pages.

Step 3: Share your page 

Add the link to your website, social media profiles, newsletters and more so you can start accepting orders. 

Step 4: Track performance  

You’ll be able to view performance data and feedback in Uber Eats Manager, so you can keep track of the business your page is driving.

Launch 2

We’ve made order accuracy a whole lot easier 

We’ve made some updates to the Uber Eats Orders App to make it easier for you to use our order accuracy features while you’re on the go.

Here’s what we’ve done:

Mark an item as out of stock
We’ve added an overflow menu to each item and modifier, so staff can mark items as out of stock directly from the order details page.
Contact customers about an allergy or a special request
We’ve added an overflow menu to the special requests banner, so your staff can contact the customer or let them know you can’t fulfil the order.

Note that marking items as “Can’t fulfil” won’t be made available if:

  • Your customer ordered through the Uber Eats website (instead of the app)
  • Your customer paid via third party (e.g., Apple pay)
  • You are POS-integrated with Uber Eats

Launch 3

Find out what’s going on in-store in real time

Are you off-site and want to see how your orders are looking today? Well, now you can! Our new feature allows you to filter and view your store/store’s live and ongoing orders,  as well as view customer phone numbers to provide immediate support for the day.

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1:  On the Orders page in Uber Eats Manager, users can select “Today” in the date range filter.

Step 2: Search orders by customer name or Order ID in Uber Eats Manager. 

Step 3: Click on a live and ongoing order to see order details and masked customer phone number to provide immediate support.