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What’s new in Uber Eats? November 2021

December 1, 2021 / Australia

Here’s the November product round-up.

Launch 1 

We know how important order accuracy is to both you and your customers. We also know how inconsistency in how we show pricing between items and modifiers can get confusing, so this month we’ve been working to simplify the Uber Eats Orders experience.  

Here’s what we’ve done:

You can now see the totaled price of 2+ of the same modifiers (e.g., $4 for the 2 x $2 bacon) within the order details screen of the Uber Eats Orders App, on your printed receipts and/or through your POS (for integrated Merchants), just as we currently show the totaled price for the 2+ items (e.g., $20 for the 2 $10 burgers). This means that the prices are now consistent and add up to the subtotal price.