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What’s new in Uber Eats? May 2022

April 27 / Australia

Here’s the May product round-up.

Launch 1 

Stay on top of customer feedback and manage customer relationships all within Uber Eats Manager

Help keep customers happy and coming back for more by responding directly to their reviews. This month we’re giving you a new way to automate your responses and track results though the Uber Eats Manager Reviews tab Feedback section.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log into Uber Eats Manager and enter your credentials.

2. Start by clicking Reviews in the Feedback tab of Uber Eats Manager. You’ll see customer reviews, sorted by recency along with new details such as their order history. 

3. With our new tool you can automate your responses to selected stores based on different attributes like star rating, average basket size, new or returning eaters. 

Your customer will be notified of your response. You can add a self-funded discount code for the customer to use at your restaurant in the future—this expires after 30 days.