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What’s new in Uber Eats? June 2022

June 22 / Australia

Here’s the June round-up.

Launch 1

Driver supply lower than you’d planned for? Whether it’s your driver network or ours, it’s now smoother than ever to switch between networks allowing you to get deliveries out as quickly as possible. 

Note: This feature is for stores who use their own delivery staff only. 

We’ve updated two features that make it smoother than ever to switch between driver networks. 

How it works: 

Switching: This feature enables you to switch to the Uber network for a live order when your own delivery staff are unavailable. 

On a live order with delivery people:

  1. Select Help on the order details screen and then Cancel order.
  2. Under cancellation reason, select No delivery staff available, followed by Find Delivery People Using Uber.
  3. Finalise and confirm by selecting Find Delivery People

Note: Customers will receive a push notification informing them that their order will be switched to Uber delivery. Should they wish to cancel, they will be able to do so at no charge to them. You will also be paid out.

Alerts: To assist you in making the decision of when to switch from self-delivery to Uber delivery, we will provide you with real-time Uber Eats Orders alerts if Uber delivery-partner supply is low.s. This ensures we remain transparent, providing you and your customers the best and most efficient delivery experience possible. 

Launch 2

We’re giving you more control, transparency and insights into your earnings. 

We’ve taken your feedback into account and revamped the payments tab in Uber Eats Manager to give you more information about your earnings. 

What’s changed? 

  • Improved experience with the date selection tool
  • More clarity around your earnings  and any fees charged
  • The ability to deep-dive into multiple sections in the payout summary section
  • Daily payout functionality