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The 2021 Detpak Packaging Snapshot

January 27 / Australia

There was a huge focus on food hygiene and safety plus increased demand for paper packaging to replace plastic packaging. This snapshot captures the standout products on the portal in 2021, as well as a few other interesting findings which can be found on the slider below.

The top 3 products

Aside from the beloved Uber Eats Bag, we took a look at your fave products of 2021, and are pleased to announce that you’ve got excellent taste.

1. The Black Delivery Seal came in at top spot. These seals are perfect for securing your Uber Eats Delivery Bag closed, which is something that has become really important to consumers over the last two years. They contain a strong adhesive backing and are quick and easy to apply, making it easier to throw out that pesky stapler. Prefer something brighter? We are constantly releasing new designs for you to choose from.

2. Next up was the Burger Endura Box and we can’t say we’re surprised. Everyone loves a burger delivery and these boxes are 100% recyclable and compostable. They’re strong and sturdy and can be easily stacked within the Uber Eats Delivery Bag. Winner Winner.

3. Coming in at third place was the Dinner Endura BoxThese dinner boxes are a fabulous packaging solution for a Chicken Parmi and chips (or Parma if you’re in the Eastern states – a debate that divides the nation). Turns out a lot of you sell hot and delicious takeaway meals because we sold over 750 cartons in 2021 – that’s 112,000 Dinner wonder they’re out of stock (only til Feb guys).