The new, improved UberTAXI is here

December 1, 2017 / Sydney

We’ve updated UberTAXI to provide you with a better trip experience. Take a look at the improvements we’ve made, and see what’s new.

Fares are clearer

You will now be able to see your fare estimate before you request a ride, just like with uberX. Fare estimates do not include any promotions that are active on your account. Please keep in mind that factors like traffic and weather can contribute to a difference between your estimated and actual fare.

We’ve added dynamic pricing

Recent regulatory reforms in NSW have allowed dynamic pricing to be activated for UberTAXI. This means that when there is high demand for UberTAXI, the fare will increase by a multiple of the base fare. This should help to ensure that more UberTAXI rides are available when you need them.

Cancellation and wait time fees apply

After requesting your UberTAXI, you have 5 minutes to cancel. If you cancel after 5 minutes, you will be charged a $10 cancellation fee. A small per-minute wait time fee will be charged 2 minutes after your driver arrives.

You can only use M40 Dockets for M40 Taxi

M40 Taxi dockets can’t currently be used with standard UberTAXI. Instead, slide over to “More” and choose ‘M40 Taxi’. The fares for these trips will be calculated using the taxi meter. Be sure to have your M40 Taxi dockets ready before you ride.