Top 8 haunted spots to discover- if you dare

October 31, 2017 / Sydney
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In the mood for ghost busting and spooky hideouts? Don’t get left in the dark – let Uber light your way through the Top 8 haunted spots in Australia and New Zealand. From jail cells so scary it’s criminal, to shopping arcades where people shopped ‘til they dropped, we reveal the spine-tingling destinations to take your Halloween adventure to the next level.


1. Manly Quarantine Station, NSW
1N Head Scenic Drive, Manly, Sydney

Image courtesy of Q Station

This quarantine zone is said to be one of the world’s most haunted places. That’s no surprise, considering over 500 people perished here during its 150-year history as an isolation site for patients infected with Spanish influenza, cholera, and other deadly diseases. Today, this Sydney hotspot operates as a hotel and heritage centre – with a ghost tour, of course. Visitors have reported seeing spectres who talk to them, plus strange smells of potato and lemon, and the clattering of pots and pans. Productive ghosts, by the sounds of it!


2. Old Melbourne Gaol, VIC
377 Russell St, Melbourne

Image courtesy of National Trust of Australia (Victoria)

Over 130 convicts were hung at this eerie Melbourne prison, including Australia’s most infamous outlaw, Ned Kelly. Today, the bluestone building hosts history tours and school programs, and is available for functions, where you’ll often find staff dressing up as prisoners, watchmen, and police sergeants. Visitors have reported cold spots and strange noises during their tours, although there hasn’t been any sighting of a legendary armour-suited man yet!


3. Princess Theatre, VIC
163 Spring St, Melbourne

Image courtesy of Marriner Group

This majestic theatre is haunted by Melbourne’s most famous ghost, Frederick Federici, a celebrated opera singer in the 1800s. During his final performance in 1888, Frederick descended off stage through a trap-door and died of a heart attack. His cast members were left spooked after they recalled seeing him (or his ghost) join them on stage afterwards for applause time. A real-life phantom of the opera, Frederick continues to reprise his role – his strong presence is felt during cast rehearsals to this day.


4. Carlile House
96A Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Image courtesy of Haunted Auckland

Originally a dormitory for orphans, this Gothic-style building engulfed in flames in 1912, when a candle caught fire on a curtain and spread through the rooms of the sleeping children. Today the abandoned building remains a foreboding monument along Richmond Road. Passersby and curious intruders have reported hearing children screaming behind the walls, and tiny eyes peering through the decaying stained-glass windows. Enter at your own risk!


5. Erskine College
31 Avon St, Island Bay, Wellington

Image courtesy of Haunted Auckland

Die-hard Peter Jackson fans will recognise this former Catholic girls’ boarding school as the location for his 1996 horror-comedy film ‘The Frighteners’, which starred Michael J. Fox. Visitors have come across unexplained sounds and mysterious blood stains on the chapels, as well as apparitions coming from the walls, which some suspect to be the old Mother Superior who governed the school. Built in 1905, the college stands today as an abandoned ruin of broken glass and metallic rust. So, maybe get a Tetanus shot before you visit!


6. Couldrey House
22 Schischka Road, Waiwera, Auckland

Image courtesy of Haunted Auckland

If pale, misty-looking ghosts that float outside this Victorian-Edwardian house doesn’t scare you, maybe the bedroom of creepy-eyed dolls will. Visitors have reported hearing children’s laughter and seeing shadows loitering at the top of the stairs. Not much is known about the mysterious spirits that haunt this 18th century homestead, but it is said that this property once belonged to an eccentric sea captain, a wealthy widow, and an Army major and his artist wife.


7. Adelaide Arcade, SA
112-118 Grenfell St, Adelaide

Image courtesy of Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Australia’s oldest shopping arcade boasts a ghost in the form of caretaker Francis Cluney, or “friendly Francis,” as he is fondly called by arcade managers. The father-of-five met his end in 1887 when he fell into an electrical generator while investigating a flickering light. Many of the arcade’s businesses are still convinced that Francis watches over them, especially when electrical repairs are performed in this heritage building.


8. Old Adelaide Gaol, SA
18 Gaol Road, Thebarton, Adelaide

Image courtesy of Adelaide Haunted Horizons

If you want to take your scare-factor up a notch, look no further than this award-winning Adelaidean prison. Their ‘Paranormal Lock-in’ tour traps visitors at the gaol overnight as they embark on a next-level hunting expedition using state-of-the-art ghost detection equipment. What else can you expect from a team that call themselves “paranormal field investigators”? Before capital punishment was abolished in 1976, Adelaide was known as “the hanging state,” with 44 convicts executed at this jail. Today, visitors have reported creepy sensations of being touched, scratched, and pushed. Definitely not a tour for the faint-hearted!