Queensland, driven by you

November 13, 2017 / Australia
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Every day, over 10,000 driver-partners are connecting our four Queensland cities. The simple act of opening the door to offer someone’s ride creates a new connection, and today, more than 700,000 Queenslanders rely on Uber for a reliable ride.

Driver-partners get people to their destinations, but being a driver-partner is more than that. It’s meeting someone new, whether they’re a long-term local or new to the neighbourhood. It’s the conversations you have, it’s the stories you share. It’s that feeling of helping someone out, of being a part of the community.

And for that, Queensland thanks you.

Meet some of the driver-partners moving Queensland

Rick, Sunshine Coast
Full Time Carer and Volunteer Firefighter

Family man and full time carer to his youngest son, Rick is a father of 7 and grandfather to 11. Rick’s son has a terminal condition, but he keeps defying the odds. Driving with Uber lets him set his own hours.

“Uber is a great service to work with. It’s given me the opportunity to spend time with my family, but also enjoy the gift of driving. I have met some amazing riders and heard some amazing stories.”

Ravjot, Gold Coast
Mother and Dancer

Mother of two and lover of dance, Ravjot migrated from India to Australia a few years ago. Her husband also drives with Uber, and they love that it gives them more time to spend with their two children.

“With Uber, we get to spend time with our family. And the rating system means there’s a mutual respect between driver-partners and riders.”

Helen, Gold Coast
Grandmother and Retiree

Helen took her first Uber trip on New Years Eve 2016 and has been driving with Uber ever since. She lives on the Gold Coast with her husband, and spends her spare time with her children and grandchildren.

“I love that can do social things during the day and drive at night, and I’m available for my family. Instead of visiting once a year, I’m seeing my children and grandchildren live their lives, and I’m part of that.”

John, Brisbane,
Philanthropist and Refugee

John came to Australia as a refugee, and now runs his own charity, Mowowfund. The flexibility of driving with Uber means he can visit South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia to work with Mowowfund.

“I drive to bring change to my family and to others. With Uber, I can work anytime, any day, and anywhere.”