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Upcoming changes to premium rides

May 23 / Brisbane

Through conversations with drivers and riders, we’ve learned that premium rides (Uber Select, Black, Lux and SUV) have not always delivered the experience that’s expected. Feedback includes that the number of options is confusing, that the quality is inconsistent and that more investment needs to be made to promote premium trips to more riders. So, we’re making changes. On 27 June, we’ll be launching a new ride option called Uber Premium in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide. Uber Premium will replace all existing premium ride options (Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV) to have one clear option for a premium ride.

Launching Uber Premium

  • From 27 June, Uber Premium will be available as a ride option in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, and Adelaide.
  • To receive Uber Premium trip requests, drivers will need to meet the following criteria:

What this means for Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV

We understand that these are significant changes, so we will not remove Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV as soon as Uber Premium launches on 27 June. Riders will be able to request Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV rides until 20 August, meaning you can still receive these trip requests until this date.

Please note: We anticipate the number of Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV trip requests to decrease once Uber Premium launches.

Uber Premium fares

At launch:

  • The time and distance rates for Uber Premium will be approximately 1.8 times more than the equivalent rates for UberX in your city.
  • The base fare will be approximately 2.0 times more than UberX in your city.

If you are eligible for Uber Premium (or temporarily eligible), we will be in touch with the exact fare breakdowns in your city before it launches.

What you can expect with Uber Premium

We learned that drivers felt support for Uber Select, Black, Lux, and SUV did not always meet their expectations. As part of these changes, we’re investing in exclusive features as well as increasing the awareness of Uber Premium with riders to encourage trip requests. Look out for more information to come over the next few weeks.

Following up on the Uber Premium info sessions and online form:

Over the past few weeks, we’ve heard from driver-partners across Australia who attended our information sessions, wrote in via the online feedback form or reached out to our Greenlight and support teams. Drivers raised some important questions and concerns and, as a result, we’ve made a few changes to what was originally communicated (on 27 May). These include:

  • We’ve extended the transition period for temporarily eligible vehicles until June 2020.
    Driver-partners told us that the original time period was too short, so we’ve extended it. If your car is on the list of temporarily eligible vehicles, you can now receive Uber Premium trip requests until June 2020 (rather than January).
  • We’ve extended the roll-off date for vehicles that surpass the Uber Premium age requirement to June 2020.
    If you own a vehicle on the list that’s a 2012 or 2013 model, you can now receive Uber Premium trip requests until June 2020 (rather than January).
  • We’ve added more makes and models to the list of eligible vehicles.
    After consulting driver-partners and industry experts, we’ve added several new vehicles to the list.

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