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Your guide to Optus Stadium pickups and dropoffs

March 20, 2019 / Perth

During Optus Stadium event days, a dedicated rideshare zone will be in place on the East Perth foreshore. The Driver app will automatically navigate you to the zone located on Nelson Avenue.

You can view Optus Stadium’s latest schedule of upcoming events below.

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Displaying your Uber sticker 

To enter the rideshare zone we recommend also displaying an Uber sticker on your front windshield for venue staff to easily identify you. To pick up an Uber sticker, you can visit the Greenlight Hub at 311 Selby Street North, Osborne Park.

How pickups with the virtual queue work

To receive pickup trip requests, you will need to first be in the virtual queue holding area in the City of Perth car park bounded by Nelson Crescent, Plain Street, and Waterloo Crescent.

  1. Once you enter the designated holding area, you will be placed in the virtual queue. The driver-partner who has been waiting the longest will be the first to receive a trip request. 
  2. Once you receive a trip request, you can leave the holding area and proceed to the dedicated rideshare zone on Nelson Avenue via Waterloo Crescent.
  3. Head to pickup bays 5-8 to pick up your rider. 

Note: There are limited bays available for rideshare pickups. If your rider is not waiting for you at the stand, you may be asked by venue staff to move on to make space for other vehicles.

Dropping off? Here’s how it works

Drop-offs before an event are also on Nelson Avenue. Just remember that you’ll be sharing bays 1-4 within the rideshare zone with Taxis.

  • If approaching from Graham Farmer freeway, exit at East Parade, continue through the roundabout onto Plain Street, turn left and follow onto Wittenoom Street and Nile Street.
  • If approaching from Graham Farmer freeway, exit at East Parade, continue through the roundabout onto Plain Street, turn left into Waterloo Crescent and right into Nile Street.
  • If approaching from the CBD, take Wellington Street, continue through to Waterloo Crescent and turn right onto Nile Street.
  • If approaching from the Causeway, exit onto Adelaide Terrace, turn right onto Plain Street, right onto Bronte Street, left onto Waterloo Crescent and right onto Nile Street.
  • Proceed along Nelson Avenue, as you pass the Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge, veer into the right lane and continue past the Taxi zone. After driving through the pedestrian crossing you will find drop-off bays 1-4 on your left.

Finding the dedicated rideshare zone

The rideshare zone is located on Nelson Avenue, on the East Perth side of Matagarup Pedestrian Bridge. After exiting the holding area, take  Waterloo Crescent, turn right into Nile Street and then enter the bays via Nelson Avenue.

Road closures

Starting from the event’s Stadium Gates opening time and onwards, roads entering Nile Street will be restricted to on-demand vehicles such as Taxis and Uber. On event days, Nelson Avenue will be restricted to a one way road only, this means you must enter via Nile Street.  Drivers can download the road closure details from Main Roads.

Rideshare vehicles will not be permitted to pick up or drop off riders on roads immediately surrounding Optus Stadium or the roads around Nelson Avenue. Driver-partners are also not permitted to drop off or pick up riders in the dedicated Taxi rank. WA Police and/or the Department of Transport may issue fines if these rules aren’t followed.