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No lettuce? No worries.

June 30 / Australia

Has your menu been effected by the current food shortages? If you need to make last minute menu changes, you can mark items out of stock in Uber Eats Manager or Uber Eats Orders. 

Here’s how in Uber Eats Manager:

  1. Navigate to the Overview tab in Menu Maker.
  2. Click the name of the Item that you would like
    to mark as sold out. The Edit Item side panel
    will open.
  3. On the Basic tab of the side panel, select the checkbox for Sold out below the Description box.
  4. A drop-down box will appear. Select Today from the dropdown to mark the Item as sold out for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the Item will automatically switch to be back in stock. Select Indefinitely from the drop down to mark the Item as sold out with no end date. 
  5. Click the black Save button.
  6. In the menu list, a red icon will now appear next to the Item to indicate that it is sold out.

Here’s how in Uber Eats Orders: 

  1. Tap the navigation icon and select Menu availability. Locate the item and tap the Available button. From here, you can mark it as out of stock for the day or indefinitely.
  2. To mark the item as back in stock, simply follow the same process, locate the item and mark it as Available