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More earnings options with Trip Radar

December 15, 2022 / Australia

We understand that your preferences will influence the delivery requests you are interested in.

In some cities, you have some extra requests to choose from.

How it works

1. What’s new

Keep an eye out for Trip Radar when you’re not on a trip. 

2. Review options

Trip Radar shares some requests with a handful of people at the same time. This means Trip Radar shows you delivery requests you would not have seen otherwise.

3. Tap to select

You can review Trip Radar requests and “raise your hand” only for the trips you’d like.

4. Wait for a match

Since others have access to the list too, you may not get all of your picks.

5. Get going

As soon as you’re matched, you’ll be on your way. 

Trips completed using Trip Radar also count toward your promotions.

What is the purpose of the Trip Radar trial?

With Trip Radar, some requests are shared with a handful of delivery people at the same time. This means Trip Radar will show you requests you would not have seen otherwise.

How can Trip Radar help me?

  • More choice If you ever feel like you don’t want to wait for your next delivery request, open Trip Radar and make your pick.
  • Succeed in Quests: to complete a Quest, use Trip Radar to try to land a streak of short deliveries.

How does Trip Radar affect the trip requests I get individually?

You’ll continue to get individual requests, just as you always have.

How does Uber decide who gets a request on Trip Radar?

Matching is aimed at minimizing average wait times for delivery people and consumers. Matching is not based only on who selects a delivery first, so don’t worry too much about being the first to tap. 

How does Trip Radar affect my acceptance rate?

It doesn’t. When you’re selecting delivery requests on Trip Radar, you can go ahead and tap as many as you like. Just like with your usual requests, after you’re matched you can still decide to cancel if you want to.