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Market your way to a successful Mother’s Day 2022

April 27 / Australia

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and that can only mean two things. First, if you haven’t already planned something special for Mum, it’s time to get on it. Second, think about how you can leverage the occasion to attract new customers to your business and connect with existing ones by helping them celebrate loved ones. When it comes to driving higher sales, it’s not just about delivery.

The right marketing tools can help you get more customers to your storefront, drive more orders, and keep regulars coming back. Check out the below to see how Promotions can help you boost your sales this Mother Day – May 8.

Turn Mother’s Day browsers into buyers with promotions

Incentivising customers with an offer or deal can be that last helpful nudge to turn a casual browser into a customer. Promotions can help entice customers with limited-time discounts e.g. “Buy one get one free”. 

By increasing the value of ordering for customers, you’re making it easier for them to press that order button more often. When you run promotions on Uber Eats, you can choose a timeframe, budget, and even a target audience such as first-time customers, for your promotions. You can run up to 5 at once including ones for special occasions like Mother’s Day.

Using promotions to increase order size: You can use promotions to drive more orders and sales for Mother’s Day. On Uber Eats you can offer this type of deal in 3 ways.

  • Buy one get one free: If you’re a restaurant you can offer a free drink with any entree order 
  • Save on Menu Items or Categories: Reducing the cost of an item to drive sales. This works well with high-margin items in order to minimise the cost to you.
  • Spend More, Save More:  This applies a blanket discount to the full sum of the order, incentivising customers to add additional items and bump up their total basket size.

Going beyond delivery to hit your Mother’s Day goals is easier with a partner like Uber Eats. Run a promotion to increase your order size and drive higher sales. 

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