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How companies can prepare for the financial year ahead

May 31 / Australia

The end of the financial year is an important time for any business. Not only is it the point at which companies reconcile their financial statements and lodge tax returns but it’s also a time for businesses to review their financial health – a time to get organised and work smarter in the year ahead.

Uber for Business has become a strategic partner for many organisations as they consider new ways of operating, reconciling expenses and improving the work lives of their customers and employees.

The Uber app has long been embraced across Australia and New Zealand to manage business travel, typically for travelling to and from airports and meetings. Often employees tap into Uber through a personal account for work purposes, expensing rides manually and recouping business costs from their employer later, when Uber for Business can help save them – and their employers – hours of admin time to better manage the process. Employees can seamlessly switch between personal and business accounts by selecting the applicable company profile in the app.

The Uber for Business platform puts business managers in the driver’s seat allowing them to control budgets and offer incentives through a single intuitive dashboard. It’s a tangible way to streamline business operations, attract talent and build great teams. 

What our platform users say:

“I think employees are more comfortable that they can use Uber because they’re getting the prompts to switch profiles when riding for work trips. And that gives them more confidence that they’re not going to make a mistake.”

Richard Grigg, Assistant Director of Business Services, Australian Bureau of Statistics
How can Uber for Business support your business in the new financial year?
  • Save time and costs on business operations like tracking expenses. No more employee time wasted trawling through receipts to claim back travel expenses.
  • Control internal travel budgets. Set limits for the total budget, number of rides within a particular time frame, cost of an individual ride and types of ride from Uber X to Premier. 
  • Keep teams motivated and engaged by being able to offer business travel, meals, and rewards for employees.
  • Offer on-demand or scheduled business rides, customised commutes, meals or package delivery to delight employees and guests. 
  • Access reports on business travel and spending, and gain insights from an intuitive dashboard.
  • Enhance sales and marketing efforts with applicable rewards and incentives.

Uber for Business is designed to make managing your business easier with services your employees likely already know and use. Ride solutions are just one way Uber for Business is delivering benefits to help businesses manage operations more effectively.

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