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Heat up your delivery business this winter 

June 6 / Australia

Colder temperatures and shorter evenings are here, which means that customers are looking to stay inside with comforting takeaway classics. With the right preparation in place, you can use the winter time to your advantage to attract new customers and drive repeat business to your storefront. 

Here are tips to help you make the most of the months ahead:

1. Spruce up your menu offerings

Start by assessing your most popular items and seeing if you can give an old favourite a new twist. Spinning up a limited-edition item is also a great way to build loyalty with your customers over time. Using the Menu Maker tool in Uber Eats, you can customise an on-the-go menu that lends itself well to winter warmers.

2. Create an online presence that stands out

After building a menu that delights, you’ll want to consider how best to get the attention of your customers. Social media is not only a powerful tool to get in front of new customers, but it’s also a great way to foster a deeper sense of community. Connect your Instagram account and your Uber Eats storefront to give browsing customers another visual access point into your business.

3. Streamline your operations

It’s important to revisit seasonal data to understand where you can create efficiencies. Reviewing your performance in Uber Eats Manager, can remove the guesswork from your playbook and guide you toward more-informed decisions around inventory, menu making, staffing, and operations. You can access time-based comparisons on sales, order volume, and ticket size. From a staffing standpoint, pinpoint days of the week or even hours of the day where you might anticipate needing more—or fewer—hands on deck to manage demand. 

Whether your goal is to attract new customers, streamline your operations, or encourage repeat business this winter, we’re here to help you grow your way. 

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