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Uber gave Chris the confidence and autonomy to be independent. Now he’s doing the same for others.

October 20, 2022 / Global

[Photo description: Chris Yoon, a Product Manager on Uber’s Product Equity team sits with his service dog, Sadie]

“As a blind person who can’t drive, Uber gave me the confidence and autonomy to be independent and not be afraid of traveling,” so when Chris Yoon found Uber’s Product Equity team, he jumped at the chance to work on a product that could “help so many others like myself and beyond transform the way they travel.” 3 months in, Chris and his guide dog, Sadie, are soaking up the opportunity to make Uber even easier for people to use to move around their communities, further instill equity and inclusion in all areas of Uber, and of course, afternoon walks through our San Francisco headquarters. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

“I joined Uber as a Product Manager on our Product Equity team a few months ago. Prior to Uber, I was a Product Manager at Microsoft working on intelligent voice-forward experiences. At Uber, my first project is working to improve the service dog experience on our mobility platform.

I was born with a visual impairment and have been an avid fan of technology ever since I was little. I strongly believe that if we innovate with compassion and bring on people with lived experiences, we can create inclusive products and services that benefit everyone out of the box, empowering people of all abilities and backgrounds.”

How did your passion for creating a more equitable world through technology drive you to join Uber?

“I still remember getting my first iPhone and how it completely changed the way I interacted with technology and the rest of the world. That was the first time I truly felt included and empowered to be myself without having to worry about my disability. 

The next time I experienced a similar feeling was the first time I used Uber to get a ride to the airport by myself. As a blind person who can’t drive, Uber gave me the confidence and autonomy to be independent and not be afraid of traveling. As a result, when I found out about a product equity opportunity at Uber I jumped on the chance to work in such an impactful space that can help so many others like myself and transform the way they travel.” 

Describe your interview process. 

“I had 3 rounds of virtual interviews that took place over 6 weeks. Everyone from the recruiter to my hiring manager was extremely kind, patient, and accommodating throughout the entire process. I appreciated that the final round of 6 interviews was split up into 2 separate days with built-in breaks, which immensely helped me get through them without having to worry about eye fatigue and burnout sitting in front of the computer for hours at a time. I also appreciated how responsive and transparent my recruiter was throughout the interview process.”

Tell us about your role as a Product Manager on our Equity team. 

“I have the pleasure of working with one of the most talented and diverse groups of Product Managers, Program Managers, Designers, and Engineers at Uber. I love how everyone brings their unique perspectives and passion to this work. And I’ve learned so much from my team just in the last few months that I’ve been here. Also, because the Product Equity team sits at the intersection of technology, policy, operations, legal, and safety teams, I have the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from so many different functions of the business.” 

Tell us about your guide dog, Sadie, and how she’s finding life at Uber. 

“I was matched with my first guide dog, Sadie, from Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2018. Sadie has been with me since my last year of grad school, my first job, as well as our travels all around the United States. She loves visiting new places and is an experienced traveler. Although we are still getting used to the open office spaces at Uber HQ, she loves coming to work with me and enjoys getting an afternoon walk through the streets of San Francisco.” 

What’s something that stands out about Uber’s culture? 

“Uber’s culture is very open and supportive. Everyone I’ve met and worked with has been extremely interested and engaged with the work that our team is doing and always wants to learn more to see how they can help drive equity and inclusion in all areas of their work. It was very clear from day one that Uber’s senior leadership is heavily invested, and I’m grateful to be in such a welcoming place where I can bring my lived experiences to continue to make Uber more inclusive for everyone inside and outside of the company.” 

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