Driver Announcements

Brisbane Airport

August 20, 2018 / Brisbane

With a new in-app registration process, it’s now even easier to register for pickups and dropoffs at Brisbane Airport (BNE).

Because the process has changed, some driver-partners may be registering for the first time, while some will need to re-register.

How to register:

  1. Open the Driver app, then tap your face in the top right corner, tap ‘Account and’ then ‘Documents’.
  2. Tap ‘e-tag number’ and take a photo of your tag with your phone – make sure it clearly shows the tag number on the side of the tag.
  3. Once approved your photo is approved, you’ll receive a confirmation SMS.

First time registrations

If this is your first time registering a vehicle with the airport, the next time you go online, you will be prompted to accept the conditions of the Brisbane Airport Corporation Ground Transport Driver Partner Licence.

Checking if you’re registered at BNE Airport

If you have registered for the Airport previously, you may still need to register again. Not sure if you’re registered? Check the ‘Documents’ section of your Driver app.

Do you drive multiple vehicles?

If you use multiple vehicles with the Uber app, you’ll need to provide proof of a tag for each.Each vehicle can have its own tag, or a single tag may be registered to multiple vehicles.

Tag brands

Linkt (formerly called GoVia QML), RTA RMS and Eway Interlink tags can all be used at Brisbane airport.

Tag numbers

For most tags, you will see a tag number and barcode printed on the edge of the tag, as in the image below.