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3 reasons to use insulated backpacks for food delivery

January 14 / Australia

Hangry (hang-gree)

Adj: bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.

When customers order food from your restaurant via the Uber Eats App, they are looking forward to a hot, delicious meal. Maybe it’s been a long day and they don’t feel like cooking, or perhaps they’re simply treating themselves to takeaway..because #yolo. Therefore, when the quality of the food is compromised, you may have a very hangry customer on your hands – something we’d all like to avoid.

That’s why, we’d like to introduce you to your new best friend, the Insulated Backpack. The Insulated Backpack was introduced to the Uber Eats Detpak portal to provide Delivery Partners with a convenient way to carry deliveries, without compromising on quality. The backpack is specifically designed for food delivery with lots of practical features and benefits we’d like to share with Merchant Partners, which might just spark up a conversation when Delivery Partners are next in your restaurant to pick up an order.

1. Keeps hot items hot and cold items cold

This one’s probably the most obvious reason why we highly encourage the use of Insulated Backpacks. They feature an inner lining of food grade aluminium foil to keep hot items hot and cold items cold. Food should be packed straight into the Insulated Backpack as quickly as possible, so that it arrives in the same condition it was in when it left the restaurant, almost certain to result in a happy customer, helping with repeat business and positive reviews.

2. Separates Food

It might be tricky to see at face value, but Detpak’s Insulated Backpacks rock pockets, zips and compartments like they’re going out of fashion. The Insulated Backpacks come with a reinforced internal divider panel to ensure effective separation of goods. This way Delivery Partners can easily carry multiple orders and keep them separate, or alternatively even carry hot and cold items and ensure there is some space between them. The backpack also features an extendable base, which is perfect for larger deliveries. Fun Fact: The bag will hold several 7-inch pizza boxes and includes large side mesh pockets to carry up to 2L drink bottles. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Reflective Panels for Safety

The Insulated Backpack is not only great for the reasons we’ve talked about above, but it also contains reflective panels for high visibility to enhance safety. With many food deliveries taking place at night, the reflective panels help keep Delivery People on motorbikes and bicycles, safer from passing cars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Detpak’s Insulated Backpack and why they are key to your food delivery service. Whilst it’s not a product you need to purchase, if Delivery Partners use the Insulated Backpack properly, the quality of your food wont be impacted.

If you’d like to learn more about how Delivery Partners can effectively pack their backpack, click the button below.