Meet The UberPITCHME 2016 Finalists

April 19, 2016 / Dubai

On Saturday, April 16th, Uber and ArabNet teamed up to make life-changing moments available on-demand, in eleven cities across the Middle East.

Startup warriors, entrepreneurs and dreamers in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Bahrain, and Qatar were invited to submit an application and pitch their big idea to regional startup heroes and Uber management.


Within one week, hundreds of approved applicants were invited to participate in #UberPitchME. The majority of applicants came from Cairo, Dubai, and Riyadh – a testament to the growing entrepreneurship scene in these cities.

The judges heard more than 80 pitches from a variety of startups across the region, and after reviewing the scores, judges in each city selected their nomination for each city’s finalist. Check out the list below to find out which startups will be sponsored at this year’s ArabNet Digital Showcase in Dubai on May 30 – 31st:

UberPITCHME Finalists

BuzzMe | Dubai

BuzzMe combines the latest technology with good old fashioned networking. BuzzMe enables the use of Geotechnology with indication of personal interests and profession to find people in the vicinity who share the same passion or interest.

Wakilni | Beirut

Wakilni is a helping hand that you delegate your errands to. Use it to take care of your deliveries, pick-ups and to support you in just about any transaction you need to take care of. Use it to save yourself time and hassle. Wakilni is a smart, reliable service that promises to free up your mental brain power – it is the closest you’ll ever get to buying time, use it wisely!

MoneyFellows | Cairo

Web and mobile based platform that digitizes the traditional ROSCA model. Known as Gam3eya in the Arab world, Chit funds in India, Tanda in Mexico and is very common 89 other countries as well.

Rescue.ME | Alexandria

Rescue.ME uses wearable technology to monitor patients with serious health problems who are considered to be at high risk. Devices record and send patient’s bio-metrics which are processed in real-time on The Rescue.ME cloud that has a set of pre-defined panic patterns, whenever a patient’s data falls within on of those patterns, the server will try to contact his doctor, and a short list of friends or relatives.

MapNumbers | Riyadh

MapNumbers is an app that converts any address in a 12-digit number. Instead of endlessly trying to give directions to friends or delivery services, users can simply give out a number. The number is entered into the app, and one can then simply follow directions on their smartphone.

Curly Methods | Amman

Curly Methods is an app development platform to drastically speed up iOS and Android app development.

WakeCap | Doha

WakeCap serves as the first and optimum solution for contractors to lower the risk of accidents caused by fatigue and drowsiness. It is the same construction helmet form the operator’s point view. It monitors the user’s alert states and keeps a log of it to be viewed by the management in real-time. It can also alert the user and the manager in case of drowsiness.

SmartAble | Jeddah

SmartAble narrows the gap between education outputs and workforce skill requirements through best utilization of psychometric and aptitude exams, international dictionary of jobs (ISCO-08), a communication platform to reachcareer counselors regardless of geographical restrictions, and an engaging and rewarding environment.

Beuoot | Dammam

BEUOOT is Marketing & Management Company operating to facilitate real estate industry through its custom made online portal After never exhausting team effort, the dynamic web portal (Beta Version) was launched on 15th January 2015. Crucial testing of 4 long months enabled official launch of the web portal on 17th May 2015.

FullSir | Dubai

Gasoline delivery service through a mobile app, we bring the gas stations in Dubai to you.

FishTransporter | Manama

The First Virtual Fish Marketplace at your fingertips.

The WallGames | Casablanca

TheWallGames is a video game development studio based in Casablanca, Morocco. We aim to create creative and quality games for Mobile that target the Mena Region. Our team is composed of professional game developers with 30+ years of combined experience in console and mobile gaming.

Thanks to our judges and to everyone who participated! See you at ArabNet on May 30 – 31st!