How Uber coverage is helping cities by moving everyone forward

October 29, 2018 / Dubai

Uber has always been about communities, and we want to make sure that everyone in ours feels safer in theirs. We work in collaboration with local governments and officials in cities that have Uber to help make sure we’re having a positive impact on the world around us. With Uber coverage in over 600 cities all around the globe, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover—so we’d better get started!

Uber’s vision

We’re strong believers in thinking outside the (grid)block. On our “Reimagined Spaces” page, you can find out more about our vision for a future free from non-stop traffic and vast city car parks that you can still never find a spot in. More ride-sharing, in collaboration with public transport, means less space needs to be occupied by individual cars. To show what we could do in a city with less space designated for parking, we created the Park(ing) Day project, which encourages locals to temporarily transform parking spaces for public purpose such as parks or theatres.

Working with cities

Of course, the first step to fixing a problem is understanding it, which is where Uber Movement comes in. Our unique data analysis branch collates anonymous information from over two billion trips in over 600 Uber cities to get a better understanding of the way people move around the world. We partner with city officials to inform future infrastructure and city planning to make sure it works for the people living in it. We also work with organizations such as retail developer Moda Living in the UK, who will give their residents £100 in Uber credits if they don’t use their parking space for the month.

Fighting for causes

As well as reclaiming living space from vehicles, we want to help make those spaces safer, better places to live. We’ve found that ride-sharing has been a great way to promote safe nights out across the world but we’ve also worked on a variety of other campaigns and causes. In Dubai, for example, we teamed up with Dubai Internet City, Science Park and Averda on our UberRECYCLE program to help dispose of the e-waste of Dubai citizens.

Supporting Groups and Communities

Making better places to live, however, can’t be done without working with the people who live there. That’s why Uber has always been firmly committed to supporting its riders, drivers and their communities. In partnership with the Emirates Red Crescent in Dubai, we’ve run a series of community charity events such as our UberDONATE program, which provided school supplies to crisis-afflicted children and clothing donations for families in need on Ramadan. We’ve also helped to get more women on the road in Saudi Arabia since June of this year with our ‘Masaruky’ initiative.

However, whether it’s collecting trip data, promoting safe nights out or reclaiming parking spaces, it all starts with you, the riders. Thanks to your support, Uber is now a thriving community with so much potential to explore. We hope you’ll stay with us every step of the way in fulfilling it with all of our initiatives — past, present and future.