UberHIRE: Multiple Emirates. Multiple hours. One Uber.

December 26, 2017 / Dubai
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We’ve been listening closely to the needs of our business customers over the past few months, and that’s why we’re launching an extended trip option called UberHIRE. It’s a new Uber offering designed to meet all your business travel needs throughout the day – and we’re rolling it out exclusively to Business Profile users in Dubai.

What is UberHIRE?

UberHIRE is a time-based ride option in your Uber app that’s available on-demand, to let you travel between Emirates with peace of mind that your Uber will wait for you. Perfect for business travelers who have multiple meetings or need transportation outside of Dubai, it allows you to book the driver all day long while keeping costs in check.

With UberHIRE, you can request a ride and keep the trip going for multiple stops over a duration that suits you, from a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 8. UberHIRE also automatically matches you with the highest-rated drivers and our newest cars (model years 2015 and newer).

Now you can enjoy reliable transportation to and from business meetings in and out of Dubai any day of the week.

Fare structure:

  • Minimum fare: AED 300 (first three hours)
  • Per-minute fare after 3 hours: AED 1.67
  • Cancellation fee (after 5 minutes): AED 20

How it works:

  1. Open the Uber app
  2. Enter your intended destination(s) (remember, if you are making multiple stops, you can enter them all at once using our Multiple Destinations feature. See below.)
  3. Swipe to the UberHIRE product view and request the ride
  4. You will see the driver’s details right away – name, photo and the details of the car
  5. If you're traveling outside of Dubai and need your Uber to take you back, DON'T cancel the trip and remind your driver not to end the trip. Instead, the trip will keep running until you arrive at your final destination.


UberHIRE will be rolled out to Business Profile users in Dubai in phases, starting in January 2018. If you’re a current Business Profile user and you haven’t gotten access, please be patient. A gradual launch will help to ensure we are bringing you a smooth and reliable experience with this new ride option.

Additional information:

To ensure a smooth trip experience and to prevent you from losing contact with your driver in the case of an accidental trip cancellation or completion, please follow these steps when your journey begins:

  1. Input all of your planned destinations in advance. Of course you can always update these as you go throughout the trip, but the more information your driver has upfront, the better.
  2. Ask the driver for his phone number before you exit the vehicle when you arrive at your first stop. This is especially important if you are planning to be out of the car for an extended period of time (for example, at a meeting) so you can easily connect with your driver when you are ready to get back in the car.
  3. Tell the driver approximately how long the stops will be if you are getting out of the car.
  4. Agree with the driver on where the meet-up point will be.

How to enter multiple destinations:

  1. Tap the “Where to?” box to enter your first destination
  2. Before hitting “DONE” tap the + icon on the right side of the screen
  3. Tap on the “Add a stop” field to enter your next destination
  4. If you need to enter three or more destinations, keep hitting the + icon to add more stops.


Frequently Asked Questions