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Doing more to say thanks

When 5 stars just isn’t enough

Drivers do more than move people from one place to another—they brighten riders’ days in ways big and small.

Since launching in-app Compliments in 2016 and Tipping in 2017, riders have shown their gratitude millions of times to drivers for the great service and memorable experiences they deliver every day.

التزاماتنا تجاه السائقين

In 2018, we’re committed to doing more to thank drivers across the country who make every ride a little more special.

To kick off the year, we’re taking riders’ words and paying them forward—starting with a few of the most complimented drivers of 2017, who go the extra mile in their own unique ways.

Meet Fred

Uber Driver-Partner, Seattle, WA

There’s a positive energy that comes from experiencing what life has to offer. At 82 years young, Fred’s seen and done it all. He’s crooned at Elvis Presley’s wedding, owned a local watering hole, and lived all over the world. Why drive? It’s simple—Fred loves the conversations he has with his riders.

In the words of Fred’s riders:

“One of the most friendly people I have ever met. Not just as an uber driver but as a person.”


“Fred is amazing!!! I needed positive energy and encouragement too and he took time to give me a pep talk. Thank you Uber for bringing amazing people into my life!!!”


“Fred is a terrific guy. A person could learn a lot about life just chatting with him.”


“What can I say? The world needs more people like Fred. Just an incredibly genuine kind hearted human whose purpose has been to put others first. They don't make em like that anymore! Thanks Fred.”

Meet Anna

Uber Driver-Partner, Richmond, CA

If you ask Anna’s riders the last time they felt truly relaxed they might just say “Anna’s car.” Known for smooth jazz and a calm demeanor, one ride with Anna is guaranteed to settle the soul.

In the words of Anna’s riders:

“Anna by far was the best Uber driver I have encountered. Great conversation, music and car!!!”


“Thank you for such a calm and relaxing ride home through the crazy rush hour traffic. I truly appreciated this experience!”


“Loved Anna's taste in music!! Super soothing and jazzy!”


“Thank you very much Anna!!! Was a wonderful smooth ride home from the airport. Keep rocking!”

Join us in saying thanks

Help us continue to recognize the drivers who make your rides memorable by giving Compliments in the app.

Tell your driver how they made your day, and you just might make theirs.