Tristan's story:
Father, Small Business Owner, Camping Enthusiast

Meet Tristan.

Portland is known for its coffee. Hand roasted beans at an affordable price? That’s where Tristan of NorthFresh Coffee Roasters comes in.

A coffee enthusiast since high school, Tristan turned his daily coffee habit into a job. Going from barista to assistant coffee roaster to owning a small roastery in his home, Tristan lives and breathes coffee.

When he’s not busy with his business, he spends his free time with his family. Tristan is happiest when he’s exploring Portland with his fiance and children, camping or spending time at the river. When asked what he’s proudest of he is quick to respond, “my family,” with a huge smile. While his son popped in and out of the home roastery, he explained the challenges of owning a small business. “Time and money are the biggest challenges… Go figure. Because I’m starting this company from the ground up it’s nice to get things going from home while I build the business,” Tristan said.

"“We offer high quality, old school, low cost coffee made with nothing by love and passion" "
— Tristan, Owner of NorthFresh Coffee Roasters

Starting and running your own coffee roastery is no small feat, so Tristan started driving with Uber to help with his bills. One of the main reasons he drives is so he can work around new client’s schedules instead of them working around his. Flexibility and being his own boss has always been a priority for Tristan, which is why being an entrepreneur and driving with Uber works best for him.

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