Todd's story:
Actor, comedian, driver-partner

Meet Todd.

He moved from Texas to Los Angeles three years ago to pursue an acting career. But he’s not just an actor—he’s also a stand-up comedian. Todd needed extra cash, and he found out driving with Uber is no joke.

"The way Uber helps me is it gives me freedom in my schedule. I can find time to stand-up, go to shows. It’s all about networking, hanging out at the comedy clubs, and things like that."
— Todd, Uber Los Angeles Partner

Todd works his driving schedule around his commitments, so he never has any scheduling conflicts. “Signing up couldn’t have been simpler and there’s nothing better than making cash between auditions.” For Todd, Uber is an easy way to make extra cash whenever he has time.

Without a rigid schedule, Todd can go off script whenever he wants. “My friend happened to be performing, so I just signed off and popped in. Said hello, then got back in my car and started driving again. What other opportunity let you do that?”

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