Shannon's story:
Podcaster, Detroiter, UberPITCH Entrepreneur

Meet Shannon.

Shannon has always been an avid storyteller, and he has been a podcaster since 2009. Since then, he has performed as host, MainStage storyteller, a GrandSlam champion with The Moth, and has been a regular on NPR’s Snap Judgment. He also hosts his own storytelling podcast called Shannon Cason’s Homemade Stories.

In May of 2016, UberPITCH connected entrepreneurs, thought starters, and visionaries with Detroit investors. Over 60 local entrepreneurs were able to make a connection with a top investor and pitch their big idea, and Shannon was one of them.

Shannon didn’t know what to expect. He describes Detroit’s start up scene as being in a revival period, so he was excited about the opportunity to be a part of something different. While he participated to speak to an investor; Shannon was looking more for a mentor, client, listener or even just a new friend.

Shannon met with Patti Glaza from Invest Detroit. He said that not only was she supportive of his business, but she made him feel special with how excited she was after only 10 minutes of talking. They concluded by setting up time for coffee to continue their conversations.

"I can drive in my spare time and listen to other podcasts while I'm working."

Shannon drives with Uber because he likes the flexibility and creativity the platform offers. He can listen to other podcasts while he's working. This is something he likes to share with his riders as a great conversation starter.

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