Rory's story:
Nurse, Traveler, Connecticut Native

Meet Rory.

If you’ve ever asked your Uber driver how they first learned about the app, most will give answers to the effect of, “My friend told me about it,” or “I used it for rides and then decided to drive.” But that wasn’t the the case for Rory, a driver-partner in Connecticut. He first heard about Uber from YouTube star Casey Neistat and Top 40 hits like “Uber Driver” by Wiz Khalifa and Drake’s “Energy.” “After hearing Uber referenced a few times, I looked into it and was totally impressed by the business model.” His wife later joked that if he thought the app was so cool, why not drive himself? And that’s exactly what he decided to do.

This was back in July. Around that same time, Rory had bought a new car—a VW Touareg. He realized that by driving with Uber, he’d not only have something to do during his free time, but he’d also have a way to make extra cash that could go toward his car payments.

"I had always been impressed with the Uber business model. One day, my wife sarcastically said, ‘You should just become a driver.’ It sounded like a good idea, so I signed up. I had just bought a new car, so Uber could help with my car payments."
— Rory, Connecticut driver-partner

Driving is just “a hobby” for Rory (a hobby that also serves a financial purpose). Rory is, in fact, a full-time nurse at Hartford Hospital, working the night shift from 7pm–7am 3 days a week. Though he has a tough schedule, he enjoys having 4 days off in a row. “I could pick up and go to Hawaii for a few days if I wanted to!”

When he’s not jetting off someplace, Rory will typically set aside time to drive on his days off. He usually drives in the mornings, between 8am and 11am, taking insurance agents to downtown Hartford or travelers to Bradley Airport. Some weekends he’ll drive Friday and Saturday nights, safely getting college kids and young professionals from bar to bar.

Rory has always loved being behind the wheel. In college he drove the campus airport shuttle, and when he had to travel between school (Berrien Springs, MI) and home (Windsor, CT), he’d always drive the full 14 hours instead of flying. Though he has a rewarding, full-time nursing job, he’s happy to have the ability to fit driving into his schedule and make a little extra cash. “It just works for me.” Perhaps Casey Neistat deserves a thank-you note.

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