Rene's story:
Bike Enthusiast, Small Business Owner, San Diegan

Meet Rene.

After graduate school, Rene decided to pursue his dream of opening a small business — a bike shop. His dream became a reality with the opening of a bike & skate shop called The Chain. Nestled in the Barrio Logan neighborhood of San Diego, The Chain aims to get people on bicycles and skateboards through affordable sales and repair.

Rene set out to not only create a small business, but also to create a stronger community through a service that is accessible to anyone who needs it. The Barrio Logan area was the perfect fit, as he describes the neighborhood as being tight-knit and locally-focused.

rene bike shop owner

To help make extra income to put towards his new business, Rene looked into Uber. “When I began my business, I knew what I needed in a part-time job, that I could flexibly work around my growing business. So when I realized that I already had the perfect vehicle, I decided to give it a try."

"The ability to make money in my spare time, outside my business, is such an incredible opportunity. On top of that, I have met dozens of incredible people who have given me great advice on my business."
— Rene, Owner of The Chain Bike & Skate

With Uber's flexibility, he's able to put his bike shop customers first. "My customers know that they are my #1 priority and that I am willing and able to make adjustments to be at my store for them," he says. "I am able to come early or stay late to meet their needs."

Since becoming an entrepreneur, Rene has embraced the opportunity to create a stronger community through his small business.

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