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Musican, Hiker, Traveler

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Meet Paige.

Robert and Christina, founders of the blog New Darlings interviewed Paige, a Houston native who is now an Uber driver-partner in LA.

Paige (pictured above with the guitar) grew up in Houston, TX, but quickly found herself living all over the U.S., traveling at a young age pursuing music. Shortly after graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, she had some big music opportunities come her way, and began performing all over her home state. Now residing in LA, she fills her days performing for crowds, hiking mountains under the sunshine, driving with Uber, and traveling quite a bit for the non-profit organization Project Prayer Box, which she founded back in 2013.

Pictured: New Darlings blogger Christina

Before starting with Uber, Paige was traveling often between Texas and California. After releasing her fourth studio album, “One Good Day”, she received an amazing opportunity to write and perform with an upcoming artist in LA. Although her days were filled with excitement and allowed her to continue to create music, the schedule seemed pretty daunting. She found herself flying back to Texas one week out of each month to perform and make money. The frequent trips continued to pile on, ultimately giving her the push she needed to make the big move. Although, “…the weather alone, might have been worth it”, she said, “the rigorous performance and travel schedule became exhausting and I began looking for alternative sources of income.” That’s when she figured she’d give Uber a try. Her roommate had recently began driving with Uber, and she figured “why not?” She was on the road in a matter of weeks.

"I was literally sitting in my car, received a ‘request’, and then went to pick up a stranger! I was extremely nervous at first, but over a thousand rides later, it’s now an exciting experience to pick up a passenger, not knowing what their story might be."
— Paige, Los Angeles driver-partner

Paige has been with Uber for a little over a year and a half now, a seasoned driver of sorts, but she did admit her first drive was slightly intimidating. The first day of any job is always a bit nerve-wracking. Each day is new and exciting, which is what we all look for when going to work each morning. There are new people, new stories, and new locations. Everything from job interviews and auditions, to stories about dogs falling in avocado trees and adorable couples, with each ride she’s greeted with a new tale. Paige explained the process to us a bit too, which was pretty cool. We request rides all the time, but to hear a bit about what it’s like from the driver’s point of view was interesting. They truly have ultimate flexibility with their schedules, choosing when to turn the app on and if they want to accept a ride or not.

For women who are looking for additional, and/or flexible income, while pursuing their dreams, Paige couldn’t recommend signing up with Uber more. Learn how to sign up here, and be sure to check out Paige’s amazing project while you’re at it, too!

Photo of Paige: Sacha Smith

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