Liliana's story:
Traveler, Cook, Colombo-Venezuelan Mother of Two

Meet Liliana.

Liliana was born in Venezuela, but has also lived in Colombia and Italy. She arrived in Quebec 30 year ago, and has lived in Montreal for 10 years now. She's a single mother of two boys; 19 and 10 years old.

Her youngest son, Francesco, and her love to be outside, riding bikes in the summer and playing in the snow during the cold season. Traveling and cooking are her two greatest passions. "I love to discover new recipes and the try them with my family," she states.

Why did you decide to partner with Uber?

"I lost my job as a cook. As a single mother, the schedules were not flexible enough. Last summer, I read an article about Uber in the newspaper and discovered how wonderful the app is. I started driving with Uber in September and have dedicated a lot of time to it since, especially on weekdays when Francesco is at school. I adore it!"

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Why do you enjoy driving with Uber?

"First of all, for the autonomy. Uber allows me to take care of my son, Francesco. If he has a doctor’s appointment, a school meeting or a soccer game, I can be available easily. Uber allows me to earn a living, to support my family, and feel good about myself. My French and English have improved so much since I started! I think this is so amazing. Also, I love discovering the new neighbourhoods my riders are traveling to around the city."

"I am a very sociable person, and with Uber I can talk a lot and meet new people. Sometimes I’ll have a great conversation and really bond with a rider, even on a short trip. "
— Liliana, Quebec Resident and Mother of 2

When asked what she'd say to other females who are interested in driving with Uber, she replied, "It is a wonderful experience! You can meet fantastic people and make your own schedule."

"I feel safe with Uber since the app tracks every ride in real-time. I always know who will hop in my car because I can see their name, face and rating within the Uber app."

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