Joe's story:
Family man, businessman, driver-partner

Meet Joe.

As a father of eight—four boys and four girls—Joe is always busy. Joe and his wife own a lifeguard equipment and apparel store. However, Joe needed another way to make money that could offer him maximum time with his family and the ability to run his business.

"If, perhaps, my youngest son wanted to go to the park, I could take him to the park and spend some quality time with him there. After that, I can go home, turn on my app, and here we go"
— Joe, Uber Los Angeles Partner

That’s where Uber comes in. Joe can run his lifeguard business and be part of his children’s lives while still providing for them.

With ten mouths to feed, it’s pretty important for Joe to balance earning and family. Uber helps Joe maintain this balancing act to be the ultimate family man, businessman, and driver-partner he is today.

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