Jessica's story:
Founder and Owner of WINKPENS

Meet Jessica.

Imagine taking a sip of your favorite beverage and then using that drink to write letters to your nearest and dearest. Jessica, the founder and owner of WINKPENS, took that idea and made it a reality.

Jessica created WINKPENS to create a sustainable alternative to the everyday writing utensil in a way that would marry history, modern aesthetics, and environmental awareness. The pen itself is elegant and one-of-a-kind, and it’s clear to see that Jessica has an eye for design.

Having graduated in 2014 with her first degree in business and her second degree in industrial design, Jessica has worn (and continues to wear) many hats. She’s gone from teaching martial arts to working in construction to starting her own small business. As the sole owner of WINKPENS, she’s been able to create a job that allows for the ultimate freedom, “I have the gift of creating constant opportunity and building a community around a product I created.”

"I've always had a love for problem solving, creating, designing, and embracing the aerial view of how it all fits together."
— Jessica, Owner and Founder of WINKPENS

With all that responsibility comes a lot of hard work, “Although you’re granted all of the control, what comes with it is accountability, pressure, and knowing that each outcome of your decisions will fall on your shoulders – both in the right and in the wrong.” Jessica said.

Enter in her part-time driving with Uber. “Driving with Uber helps support my small business as I’m able to make additional income and, in addition, expand my network and business exposure.” Said Jessica. She’s been driving with Uber for 6 months, and has enjoyed getting to know the riders, “You never know who you’ll have in your car. It’s amazing how many people I meet and the stories I hear,” she said.

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