Denise's story:
Chemist, Beauty Line Creator, Small Business Owner

Meet Denise.

Denise is the creative mind behind Nolie Love, a skincare and cosmetic company made for women. She embarked on the journey to create a line that steps outside of the boundaries and caters to various skin tones. For Denise, it’s more than just beauty, it’s truly about connecting with women, hearing their stories, and building relationships.

Denise creator of Nolie Love

What's your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?
"I love being my own boss and the fact that I get to do what I love. I really enjoy having the opportunity to meet so many awesome woman and hear their stories. For me, it’s more than just beauty, it’s truly about connecting and building relationships."

How would you describe your business? What is it all about?"
"Nolie Love is a skincare and cosmetic company made for your unique beauty. I created the line to provide a wide color range packed with performance ingredients, to truly give you long lasting pops of color, while still feeling weightless on the skin."

How did you get started with Uber?
"I heard about the buzz and I knew a few friends that did it and loved it. So I thought, I need to give this a try!"

How does driving with Uber fit in with running Nolie Love?
"I love the fact that I can drive at any moment and all it takes is my cell phone, turning on the app, and go! It allows you to be your own boss and create your own schedule, while Uber providing great support. For me, it’s more than a company- it’s a family. :)"

"“I enjoy driving with Uber because it allows me to still connect and chat with my riders. It’s great for me because I work non-traditional hours and Uber allows me the flexibility to support my businesses.”"
— Denise, Owner of Nolie Love

As a small business owner, she describes the day-to-day as always being in 'go' mode, constantly thinking of ways to better the business.

Denise shared her goals with us, of what she'd like to accomplish as an entrepreneur. Since Nolie Love is a new company, her main goals are brand awareness and getting into retail locations. "We're looking forward to spreading the love and connecting with as many unique beauties as possible," she states.

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