Christine's story:
MBA Student, Traveler, NYC Native

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Meet Christine.

LaTonya Yvette (pictured above and below), a NYC lifestyle blogger interviewed Christine, an Uber driver-partner in NYC to find out why she drives and what she loves about her city.

Women all over the world are looking to be passionate, creative, and simply live a life that is worthy of the ins and outs. I found that many of us, were hit by the reality of the male-driven corporate world; we rely and find comfort in other ways to make an earning while still pursuing a passion project. For me, it was babysitting, retail, freelancing creative consulting, and so much more.

For Christine, a 28 year old woman who lives in Washington D.C it's Uber. Yes, Uber. An app that I use on a weekly basis several times a week is helping other singles, wives, and mothers make money on their on time and on their own terms. Christine, has been an Uber partner for over a year and a half, while also pursing her MBA. And here's what I find most appealing: While I'm here using the Uber app to get where I'm going, and to be just a little more efficient in every role I play, so is Christine-- miles away.

Pictured: LaTonya Yvette (lifestyle blogger)

Christine can just pick up, turn-on, and work whenever she sees fit, something that has helped fund her living and her travels across the world. The Uber app provides income flexibility; paying their partners once a week, while also providing time flexibility. There's no time sheet, and no florescent cubicle. There's people from all walks of life stepping foot in Christine's car. She meets and befriends people just me and you.

I often say that the reason why New York City will probably always be home is because I have the ability to just go. I can be several places within minutes, because of public transportation and the Uber platform; something so small is so big in the life of anyone who simply wants to go.

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