Christine's story:
Mother, Family Business Marketer

Meet Christine.

Meet one rockstar mom and Uber Partner, Christine, who drives to balance marketing for the family business and being in the stands for all of her son’s baseball games.

My best friend always rides with Uber, so she told me I should drive for some extra cash. As soon as I started, I was mad I hadn’t done it sooner!

It’s just my son, Aston, and I. Driving gives us some extra money (and flexibility!) to spend doing things together. Our favorite treat is going to baseball games (go Bucs!). The pierogi race is the best part, though Aston cheers for Oliver Onion, and I’m a Jalapeño Hannah fan. Uber works for moms for a million reasons… But the top reason is flexibility! I don’t have to worry about switching shifts with someone to make it to Aston’s games or school events.

Advice to other mom's? Do it! I’m often asked, as a woman, if I’m afraid. I’m always like, “Afraid of what, extra money?!” Taking the first trip was the scariest part. Not because of the people, but because I didn’t want to mess up. My first passengers were a couple around my parents age, Ubering home from their night out. They asked how I’d been driving which revealed that it was both their and my first time out.

I know most people would expect this answer to be about money, but I really love when I can get my passengers to their destinations safely. Since Uber’s arrival in PA, DUIs have dropped. Knowing that I’m helping keep my passengers and other drivers on the road safe assures me that I’m doing something good.

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