Caitlin's story:
Blogger, Small Business Owner, Fitness Enthusiast

Meet Caitlin.

Caitlin started fitGevity upon launching her line of resistance bands in 2014. As time went on, she started traveling quite a bit, and the bands became a useful tool for staying fit on the road. fitGevity went from being a resistance bands blog to more of a personal brand that focuses on travel fitness.

Today, she still offers resistance band exercises and resources, but with more of a focus on staying fit while traveling – how to workout, eat healthy, dealing with in-flight meals, and anything else travel related.

Caitlin Fitgevity

What's your favorite part about being an entrepreneur?
"My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is being my own boss. I love that I can work when I want to, write what I want to, travel for as long as I like, and develop programs as I see fit. Being an entrepreneur really allows me to truly be myself, and pursue my dreams."

"“Since fitGevity is dedicated to travel fitness, it’s important that I be able to travel and not be held back by vacation time or getting shifts covered. Driving with Uber fits in well with running my business by allowing me to have flexible scheduling. "
— Caitlin, Owner and Founder of fitGevity

Caitlin usually drives on the Uber platform in the morning, then spends the rest of her day on business activities, which usually includes writing, meetings, and video shoots.

Aside from the flexible-earning advantages of Uber, Caitlin found the platform to be a way for her to interact with fitGevity's target audience. "It’s the best networking resource I could ask for. I never know who’s going to get in my car, what conversation I’m going to have, or what valuable feedback I’ll get about a program I’m offering," she says. "Uber puts me in contact with my target market, frequent travelers, on a daily basis!”

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