Amanda's story:
Poet, entertainer, networker

Meet Amanda.

She joined a poetry club in college, and quickly realized she loves engaging with her audience. After years of practice at open mics, now she’s a spoken word poet.

"I’d love to have my own talk show one day. Right now, Uber is a great option for me to earn money while I am exploring what I want to do creatively."
— Amanda, Uber Los Angeles Partner

Uber provides her with a reliable source of money so she can explore new avenues. While she earns with Uber, Amanda’s also exploring LA. “You can earn as much as you want and then the networking is incredible.” In a city as big and diverse as LA, you never know who might step into your car.

Amanda’s meeting new people every day, which provides a constant flow of original material and perspectives for her poetry.

“Driving with Uber lets me earn when I want and write when I don’t. It’s the perfect rhythm to stay creative and make extra money.”

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