Alvaro's story:
Father, Baseball Coach, Fundraiser

Meet Alvaro.

“Just be the best human being you can be.” These are words Alvaro, one of NYC’s VIP driver-partners, lives by and teaches his kids. A proud father of 3, Alvaro believes teaching younger generations the importance of compassion and sportsmanship, while preparing them to overcome life’s obstacles, should be a priority shared by all.

Alvaro was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Washington Heights with his family at age 16. After high school, he got a scholarship to play baseball at Seminole College in Oklahoma. Today, Alvaro coaches both of his sons, and teaches young boys in the Bronx how to swing the bat and catch the ball. Alvaro schedules driving with Uber around baseball and family events. Once he signs off the app, he’s usually rushing to a practice or game. Along the way, he’ll typically pick up at least 4 other boys on the team. “A lot of the kids on both teams have parents who are working multiple jobs. They are left home alone much of the day, without a way to get to practice or fare to take a cab. So I make sure to give them a ride.”

"It’s the most important thing we can do—teach kids how to be good people who others can count on. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives, so you have to give back. People did it for me, and I remember that."
— Alvaro, NYC driver-partner

On days when there’s no games or practices, there’s usually a team fundraising event to attend. “We do movie or bingo nights, bake sales, family BBQs—all of that. Since it’s mostly low-income families, we need to raise money to fund uniforms and indoor facilities for pre-season practices.”

So when does Alvaro rest? “Things quiet down for me once championships end in late November.” For the record—both of his teams made it to the championship game this year, and won! December will not only be a time for rest, but also for celebration.

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