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General FAQ

It’s natural to have questions while you’re getting started. That’s why we’ve rounded up some common ones and put the answers you need in one place.

General FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the rider changes their destination or has multiple destinations?

No problem: The app tracks your GPS data from when you swipe to begin the trip through when you swipe to end the trip. The rider can change destinations or have multiple destinations as long as you end the trip at the last destination.

What if there are multiple riders?

You will always know the name of the rider that you are picking up but will not know how many other passengers will be accompanying the rider. This being said, fares are not affected by the number of passengers on a trip. You can carry as many passengers as you have seat belts for. You should not, however, accept more passengers than your vehicle has seat belts for.

How do payments work? When will I get paid?

Drivers are paid weekly via direct deposit. Pay periods are Monday 4am through Monday 4am the following week, and payments are deposited on Thursdays. Trip fares are calculated based on the time and distance of every trip.

We also offer access to Instant Pay, which allows you to transfer funds into your bank account up to 5 times each day. Learn more about Instant Pay here.

What about tolls?

Uber will automatically reimburse you for tolls that you incur while on a trip with a rider. They will appear in your payment statement for that trip.

How do ratings work?

Both the rider and driver-partner have a chance to provide a rating and feedback on each trip. After each completed trip, riders are asked to rate their experience on a scale of one to five stars. You will be asked to rate each ride on the same 5-star scale.

Providing two-way ratings and feedback allow us to celebrate the riders and drivers who make Uber great. This system also lets us know if the quality of service provided is consistently below Uber's standards.

  • When you first begin driving, your rating may fluctuate quite a bit -- don’t worry, this is normal. As you continue to take trips, your rating will stabilize.
  • You can view your rating on the Uber Driver app under ‘Ratings’. You can also view your rating by logging in to your Partner Dashboard.
  • Only completed trips are rated, so if you or a rider needs to cancel a trip this will never affect your rating.
  • Your rating is based on the average of ratings provided by riders over your last 500 completed trips.

What is uberPOOL and how do I hand a second request?

uberPOOL is a carpooling option that matches two riders – with up to one friend each – heading in the same direction. With uberPOOL, riders still receive Uber-style on-demand convenience and reliability. When two riders are matched, they're each notified of their co-rider’s first name.

Learn more about uberPOOL here.

How long can I use my car on the Uber platform?

Every time a rider takes a trip with Uber, we both work hard to make sure they have the best experience possible. That's why, every year, we transition older vehicles to different product categories or off the Uber platform altogether. Vehicle transitioning helps us create a consistent rider experience across all of our products. See the yearly sunsetting schedule below:

  • UberBLACK; 4 year max vehicle age (ex: a 2015 can be used through Jan. 1, 2019)
  • UberSUV: 5 year max vehicle age (ex: a 2014 can be used through Jan. 1, 2019)
  • uberX: 10 year max vehicle age (ex: a 2008 can be used through Jan. 1, 2019)
  • uberXL: 10 year max vehicle age (ex: a 2008 can be used through Jan. 1, 2019)

What if I have more than one vehicle on the platform?

To switch between active vehicles, just open your app and tap “Account.” From there, tap the “Change” button shown under your current vehicle and select the one you wish to use.

General FAQ

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