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Terms & Conditions

How they work

Your payment will be based on your performance in each individual incentive period. This means you could qualify to be paid out for one incentive period (ex: Friday Morning), but not for another incentive period (ex: Wednesday late night) in the same week. You will receive individual line-items in your next payment statement explaining why you did or did not receive payment for that period.

Guarantees pay the difference in what you earned up to the guarantee amount for that period, if all requirements listed are met for that period. If you out earn the guarantee amount in that period, you will not receive additional payment. All amounts listed are gross, and payments will be made net of Uber's fee.

Requirement definitions:

  • Your acceptance rate is calculated by taking the total number of trip requests that you accepted during the incentive period divided by the total number of trip requests that were sent to you during that same incentive period.
  • Completed trips are the number of trips during the incentive period that you accepted and successfully completed (i.e., got the rider to their destination and ended the trip accurately).
  • Hours online are calculated by taking the total amount of time you were online during the incentive period and summing that time together. Hours online do not have to be all at once, for example, you can go online at the beginning of the incentive period, go offline in the middle and back online in the end and still qualify for an incentive, so long as the TOTAL online hours during that incentive period meets the requirements.

Qualification parameters reset at the beginning of each new incentive period.

Guaranteed amounts are average hourly gross fares, based on hours online per incentive period, and include the Uber service fee. Booking Fees are not included in the guaranteed amount. Average hourly gross fares are calculated by taking your total gross fares (including the Uber service fee) in a given incentive period and dividing them by the total number of hours that you were online in that same incentive period.

We reserve the right to withhold or deduct payments that we determine or believe were in error, fraudulent, illegal, or in violation of driver terms or these terms.

Guarantee available for a limited time only. Terms subject to change.

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