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Where to drive

See ideas for where to get the most trip requests in Syracuse and pro tips for when to drive to make the most of your time on the road.

Best times to drive in Syracuse

When to drive

The best times to drive in Syracuse are generally during morning and evening commuting hours and on the weekends.

  • Morning commuting hours: Mon - Fri, 7am - 10am
  • Evening commuting hours: Mon - Fri 5pm - 8pm
  • Weekends: Fri - Sun, anytime from 5pm - 4am

Ideas for where to drive


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Pro tips

How to get more trip requests

Drive near transit centers

Train stations, bus stations, and areas close to transit centers during weekday rush hours (from 7 - 10am and 4 - 8pm) are likely to have trip requests.

Drive in downtown Syracuse

On the weekends, riders will be looking to go to and from bars and restaurants in the downtown area. Drive near East and West Fayette St between 8pm - 4am for requests.

Drive at the Fair Grounds

As the greatest fair in New York State, the New York State Fairgrounds will be a popular place for people to visit all summer long. Pro tip: Call or text your rider when it's crowded to let them know where you are.

Drive near wineries and breweries

By being on the road, you can help keep streets safer by urging everyone to make Uber their designated driver. Syracuse is a hub for wineries and breweries, so keep an eye out for trips to or from these popular destinations.

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