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Partner spotlight

Our featured driver-partners

We love hearing from and sharing stories about your fellow driver-partners.

Meet Nanie, your fellow driver-partner

Nanie is a go-getter. She got her MBA in International Business and followed up grad school with a fashion program at UW. She wasn’t feeling fulfilled by her nine-to-five job and decided to rethink her career path. Driving with Uber is allowing her to take a step back and make that transition in a thoughtful and strategic way.

When she’s not driving part-time, Nanie is focused on her Etsy shop ShopMEMEH. Her clothing line is—impressively—her designs from concept to production. It’s been a journey of self-education as she figures out fabric sourcing, manufacturing vendors, financing, marketing, and logistics. Uber has allowed her to devote time to her passion, which for her, is just the beginning. She’s already thinking about future creative projects and how to get more customers in-the-know about her store.

With over 600 trips under her belt and a 4.9 rating, you can bet Nanie knows a thing or 2 about receiving 5 stars. While she says ensuring your navigation is set and ready to go is important, her truth is this: “Be present and observant.” She pays attention to where she picks up riders, their demeanor, the time of day, their age—everything adds into how she interacts with a rider.

One particular trip stands out in her mind. As a female driver-partner, she is acutely aware of the need to feel safe as a female passenger. She remembers driving a young woman in her early 20’s from downtown Seattle to Sammamish when it was almost midnight. They chatted only briefly because Nanie could tell she was tired, and halfway through the trip, the girl was fast asleep in the backseat. “It was clear she felt safe because I am a woman…putting myself in her shoes, it felt great that someone like me was there to secure her back home after a very tiring day at work.”

Meet Tekabe, your fellow driver-partner

The first thing you’ll notice about Tekabe is his bowtie. The second is his smile. Tekabe has been driving with Uber since 2012 and is known for going above and beyond to offer riders stellar service.

“My favorite time to drive is the weekend. Everybody is so happy! I put on the dance music and we all have fun,” Tekabe said with a grin. Having immigrated from Ethiopia a decade ago, he lives with his wife and 3 young sons in South Seattle.

When Tekabe’s not driving with Uber, he likes to take his kids on adventures. “They have a lot of energy, so I take them to the park and the zoo, all the places where they can run around.” Before driving with Uber, Tekabe worked at a retirement community in Seattle. He ended up working 17-hour days, and decided to start driving with Uber instead for the flexibility it provided.

“With Uber I get to spend more time with my family. I can sign off and pick my son up from school. It’s given me a new type of freedom,” Tekabe said.

Riders who are matched with Tekabe are pretty much guaranteed to leave the car happier than when they started their trip.

Meet Jennifer, your fellow driver-partner

Jennifer has worked a slew of jobs in customer service that didn't pay well, but also didn't make her happy.

In her words, driving with Uber was "the best decision of my life." She finally feels free and able to live like everyone else on a living wage. She doesn't have to deal with any schedules holding her down or bosses yelling at her for being a few minutes late. And that means she has time to do the things she truly loves. She's a tattoo artist by hobby and also enjoys sewing and cooking.

Her most memorable trip takes home the cake. A rider got into her car and said, "I'm so sorry, but I think I'm having a heart attack...can you please take me to the hospital?" She held his hand the whole way there. When they arrived, he apologized for the trouble and she walked him into the hospital. She gave him a big hug and left him in the capable hands of hospital staff. It's no wonder it's a trip she'll never forget.

"I love working with Uber more than anything in the world!" We are pretty excited to work with great partners like you too, Jennifer.

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