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Helping you earn more

We are always looking for new ways to help drivers earn more. Here's how driver promotions work so you can make the most of your time on the road.

Frequently asked questions

Why do we offer promotions?

We offer promotions to ensure we have the right balance of driver-partners on the road, based on the number of customers looking for rides. Each city team determines the exact times and locations for promotions using a mix of historical trends and other information, such as upcoming events.

Example: We know that weekend nights in downtown experience high demand. In this case, we may offer promotions to make sure that we have enough driver-partners on the road so that wait times don’t get too long.

How do we determine which driver-partners receive promotion offers?

The number of driver-partners receiving a promotion depends on how busy we expect the time period to be; again, the goal is to make sure there is a balance of drivers and riders at a given time.

Often times, promotions will go to all driver-partners or random selections of driver-partners. In some cases, we offer promotions to certain driver-partners who have demonstrated that they prefer to drive in that part of town or at that time. We wouldn’t want to give a weekend promotions to a driver-partner who only drives on weekday mornings!

How do we determine how much to offer with each promotion?

The amount of the promotion depends on how busy we expect the period to be and how many driver-partners will need to be online to meet demand.

The goal of setting an amount for each promotion is to make it easier for driver-partners to figure out how much they can expect to earn during a certain busy period. When we do things like guarantee fares or offer a guaranteed dollar amount if driver-partners take a certain number of trips, we are trying to help driver-partners predict how much they can earn by going online and hitting the road.

Why are there often different conditions that must be met in order to qualify for promotions?

We set criteria requirements to earn the promotions to prevent fraud and ensure that driver-partners make a genuine attempt to take trips in the targeted time & place of the promotion.

The goal of our criteria when we offer a promotion is plain: If a driver-partner genuinely attempts to maximize his/her trips & earnings during that time period, he/she should not have an issue qualifying for the promotion.

What is Earnings Boost?

As part of our effort to improve transparency and simplify promotions, we're rolling out Earnings Boost! Earnings Boost guarantees you a multiplied fare similar to surge for specific times and locations that are visible in app. If surge is greater than the guarantee amount, you'll always receive the highest amount. Earnings during boost periods are subject to the Uber fee.

What are the benefits?

  • Real-Time Receipts: You'll see your Earnings Boost in every trip receipt.
  • Live Maps: See your Earnings Boost highlighted on the map whenever you're online.
  • Promotions Hub: Scroll through the hub in app to see your Earnings Boosts for the week

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