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Star ratings

A closer look at the ratings system

Star ratings are an important measure for quality on the Uber platform, and keep both the rider and driver experience safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. Below we've answered common ratings questions to help educate you about this system.


How is my rating calculated?

Your overall partner rating is an average of individual ratings provided by riders from your 500 or fewer most recent trips. Your rating is calculated by adding your individual trip ratings (from 1-5 stars), and dividing by the total number of ratings you've received (up to 500 most recent).

Cancelled trips and unaccepted trip requests are not included in your rating. Also, if a rider rates a trip less than 5 stars and selects a trip issue that is unrelated to your performance (i.e. Too many pickups, Price, Uber app), the trip will not count toward your overall rating. Please note that no action is required in requesting the removal of individual ratings, as ratings will be automatically removed when applicable.

In order to ensure a consistent and reliable experience, we are unable to remove individual trip ratings on request. Keep in mind that although you will rate a rider after every trip, riders are not required to do the same. Ratings are optional for riders. If a rider does not rate you, this will not affect your overall rating.

Why is my rating going up/down?

At first, all driver-partners start with a perfect rating of 5 but may see their rating fluctuate until about 50-100 rated trips. This happens when there are fewer rated trips available to average together. As you get more rated trips over time, changes in your rating will be smaller.

For driver-partners who have more than 500 rated trips, only the most recent 500 will count toward his or her overall rating.

How can I avoid a low rating?

Sometimes things can go wrong during a trip that are out of your control. We completely understand that, and find that the highest rated drivers focus on what they can control about a ride.

If you face the unlucky situations with a good attitude and focus on the things you can control, you're likely to receive an outstanding rating. Here are top tips based on rider feedback for how to avoid low ratings:

  1. It helps to keep both the inside and outside of your car clean
  2. Try not to call riders excessively or right away
  3. Wait to begin the trip until you ask the rider "What is your name?"
  4. Ask riders if they have a preferred route
  5. Avoid asking for 5 stars

What happens if I don't agree with my rating?

In an effort to keep the rating system fair to drivers and riders, individual trip ratings cannot be removed from your account. Occasionally, a rider may leave a rating or comment you feel is unfair or inaccurate. We understand this can be frustrating, but know that one low rating will not have a significant impact on your overall rating.

What happens if I give riders a low rating?

The two-way rating system ensures that riders are also held accountable for their behavior. If you felt that your experience with a rider was less than ideal, you have the option to give that rider a low rating.

All ratings are anonymous, so giving a rider a low rating will not affect your account in any way. A rider will not automatically be deactivated for a low rating, but they can be deactivated for violating the Community Guidelines.

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