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Drive smart, earn more

Boost is a new way for drivers to earn more. Deliver during peak hours in the busiest areas and Boost will multiply your fare.

What are the benefits to Boost?

Boost earnings multipliers offer added earnings on top of delivery fares, particularly during busy times and in busy locations.

When Boost is offered for a delivery trip and all promotion requirements are met, your net fare will be multiplied by the amount specified in the offer.

Here's an example:

If the delivery fare is $6.00, the Boost multiplier is 1.5x, and the Uber service fee is 25%, the payout is calculated as:

  • Delivery Fare less Uber service fee: $6.00 x (1-25%) = $4.50

  • Boost calculation: $4.50 net fare x 1.5 Boost multiplier = $6.75

  • Net payout breakdown: $4.50 net fare + $2.25 Boost amount = $6.75

What is Boost?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a Boost on all trips?

  • You receive a Boost when you pick up a delivery in a Boost zone within the specified times. Check the Promotion section of your partner app to see where and when to deliver to qualify for Boost.

2. How do I know if I’m eligible for Boost?

  • Check the Promotion section in your partner app. There are no requirements to qualify for Boost. There are no acceptance or cancellation rate thresholds on Boosts.

3. Am I eligible for other incentives if there is a Boost on my trip?

  • Yes you are. Boost is in addition to any other promotions being offered.

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