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Re-Match at SAN Airport

Frequently Asked Questions

Together with SAN Airport, we're excited to announce the launch of Re-Match—a new feature that will lower your wait time and reduce traffic congestion. With Re-Match, driver-partners like you can spend less time waiting for airport trips, and more time earning.

About Re-Match at SAN

What is Re-Match?

With Re-Match, you can drop off at the airport and pick up without having to return to the Airport Staging Lot. After dropping off a rider, there will be a 90-second window where you could be re-matched with another rider for pickup.

Per airport rules, if you're in the terminal and don't receive a request within 90 seconds, you must exit the airport. You can head to the Staging Lot if you want to be eligible for another airport pickup. Pro tip: As always, waiting at the curb without a request is against airport regulations and can result in airport police issuing you a citation.

What vehicles are eligible for Re-Match?

Re-Match is available to uberPOOL and uberX partners following a completed SAN dropoff. All other vehicles will continue to receive requests from the Staging Lot only.

Can I just drive to the terminal to qualify for Re-Match?

No. You will only be eligible for Re-Match after dropping off at the airport. SAN Airport does not permit driver-partners to enter the airport without a dropoff or trip request, and you could receive a citation from airport police if you do so.

Does Re-Match increase my wait time in the Staging Lot?

No. Re-Match reduces the number of cars in the Staging Lot, which generally keeps the wait times even.

What if my rider isn't ready?

As always, waiting at the curb is against airport regulations and can result in SAN Airport police issuing you a citation. If your rider requests too early and isn't ready, you should cancel the trip and exit the airport.


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