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Cross Border Xpress

Tijuana International Airport to San Diego

Driving riders from Tijuana Airport to San Diego is easier than ever. Read on to learn more about taking Uber trips at the Cross Border Xpress.

Busiest times

The Cross Border Xpress allows travelers flying into the Tijuana International Airport to be picked up on the United States side of the border at the Cross Border Xpress Terminal, located at 2745 Otay Pacific Dr.

  • Busiest times include weekday evening rush hour (5pm - 8pm) and weekday midday (10am - 5pm).
  • Requests at the Cross Border Xpress occur most often after flights have landed at the Tijuana International Airport. Check out flight arrival times to help you plan when to go online.

Where to wait

To receive pickup requests, you must be located in the CBX Staging Lot, which is located outside of CBX property. The lot is on Las Californias Drive and Siempre Viva Road between Las Californias Drive and Border Pacific Drive. There are plenty of places to wait in this area. You will not receive pickup requests while circling the arrivals area.

Driver-partners are not permitted to stage on CBX property.

Picking up your rider

The pickup area at the Cross Border Xpress is located directly in front of the purple end of the CBX terminal, on Siempre Viva Rd between Britannia Blvd and La Media Rd. Once you accept a request and confirm with your rider, you can enter the middle lane and take a ticket, which allows free entry for 15 minutes, and meet your rider at the pickup area.

As there may be many riders in the waiting area, we recommend confirming your rider's name before starting the trip, and informing them of your license plate number.

Some Uber driver-partners have reported that certain cell providers experience loading issues near the pickup zone because it is near the US-Mexico border. We recommend texting your rider to let them know that you will be arriving soon.

How the CBX First-In First-Out zone works

  • The CBX First-In First-Out zone is "first in, first out"; upon entering the staging area, you will be placed in line for the next trip request

  • Unlike regular requests, a pickup request will go to the first driver-partner in line, not the driver-partner located closest to the request. As such, where you are waiting inside the FIFO zone does not affect your place in line

  • If you need to go offline or drive outside of the waiting zone for any reason, please be aware that you will lose your spot in line. If you come back online or drive back into the waiting zone after leaving, you will be placed at the back of the line

  • If you get matched with a rider and they cancel the trip, you will remain at the front of the line.

More CBX info

CBX pickup surcharge

When you take a trip from CBX, you will see an additional rider fee on your payment statement. The "Cross Border Xpress Pickup Surcharge" is in addition to the time and distance fare, and the Booking Fee. This fee will not affect your fares. It is charged to riders and sent directly from Uber to the Cross Border Xpress Authority.

Dropping off at CBX

All Uber driver-partners are able to drop off riders curbside at the Cross Border Xpress.

More information

If you have any questions about picking up riders at the Cross Border Xpress, please visit us at or open your app and navigate to the ‘HELP’ screen. You can also learn more at the Cross Border Xpress website.

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