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Guarantee FAQs

Everything you need to know about guarantees in San Antonio

How to opt in for a guarantee

Receiving your guarantee offer

You'll be notified about upcoming guarantees to the email associated with your partner account. We will also send a text message to notify you that there’s a guarantee invitation in your email inbox!

1. Opt-in

Click the large green button labeled “Opt In Here” in the email.

2. Confirmation

After opting in, you should see a confirmation page. You will also receive an email confirming that you've opted in. Keep this email for your records.

Other frequently asked questions

Why do I need to opt into a guarantee? Why aren’t guarantees sent to all driver-partners?

We use guarantees to prepare for high-demand times. Simply put, we know there will be lots of riders requesting rides, and we likely won’t have enough drivers online to meet that demand. To keep reliability on the platform high, we will guarantee earnings during that period to our driver-partners, with the goal of providing peace of mind about the earnings you can expect from driving with Uber during that particular time period.

Let’s say there’s a big concert coming up in the area and we’ll be short 500 drivers that night. So, we’ll create a guarantee and send it out to a group of drivers. This is why we don’t send guarantees to everyone. Then, we monitor how many drivers have opted in. If we’ve hit 500, we’re good! If not, we’ll send the guarantee out to another group of drivers. This is why it’s required to opt in.

What are guarantee requirements? How can I tell if I qualified for a guarantee? When will a guarantee payout be available to me?

Most guarantees will have requirements, like trips-per-hour, acceptance rate, and/or are restricted to trips beginning or ending in a specific geographic area.

All payments from guarantees are added to your account on Monday and are available in the weekly Tuesday payment. That means, any earnings from guarantees will not be available for withdrawal through Instant Pay.

When your Tuesday Payment Statement is processed, you can see your earnings from guarantees in the Uber Driver App or in Here’s the view from

Terms and conditions

In addition to any specific stipulations in an individual guarantee, the following terms + conditions always apply:

  • Only direct recipients of offer are eligible
  • Any activity deemed fraudulent by Uber will automatically disqualify you from this week’s incentive and may result in deactivation
  • All times are local
  • All guarantee amounts are gross fares earned by drivers and not actual payout
  • Guarantee payout is proportional to time spent online

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