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Prohibited activities at SMF Airport

Per SMF regulations, the following activities may result in an airport citation. Sorry, but Uber will not pay for citations.

Prohibited Activities

  • Turning off or disabling your Uber app while on airport property.
  • Carrying a passenger on SMF property for commercial purposes who has not requested a ride through the Uber app.
  • Operation of a TNC Vehicle on Airport roadways by an unauthorized driver.
  • Transporting a TNC passenger in an unauthorized vehicle.
  • Picking up or discharging passengers or their baggage at any terminal location, other than as directed by the Assistant Director or the Landside Operations Manager.
  • Leaving a vehicle unattended.
  • Failing to maintain the interior and exterior of TNC Vehicles in a clean condition.
  • Littering on TNC Airport Property.
  • Failing to provide information or providing false information to law enforcement or Airport personnel.
  • Soliciting passengers or rides on TNC Airport Property.
  • Recirculating anywhere on Airport roadways.
  • Using or possessing any alcoholic beverage, or dangerous drugs or narcotic while on Airport roadways.
  • Failing to operate a TNC Vehicle in a safe manner as required by the California Vehicle Code.
  • Failing to comply with posted speed limits and traffic control signs.
  • Using profane or vulgar language in the presence of any member of the public.
  • Soliciting for or on behalf of any hotel, motel, club, nightclub or other business.
  • Soliciting of any activity prohibited by the California Penal Code.
  • Operating a vehicle which is not in a safe mechanical condition or which lacks mandatory safety equipment as defined in the California Vehicle Code and the California Bureau of Automotive Repair.
  • Disconnecting any pollution control equipment.
  • Double parking on Airport roadways.
  • Operating a vehicle at any time during which the Permittee’s CPUC authority has been suspended or revoked.
  • Engaging in any criminal activity.

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