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Driver Support Policies

U.S. and Canada

We heard you, and we’re making some changes

You deserve a rewarding and stress-free driving experience with us.

We’re committed to giving you what you deserve, but we know we have a long way to go.

To help us improve, we met with and heard from many driver-partners over the past few months through advisory groups, feedback surveys, and in-car conversations. Among other things, we learned that some of our support policies did not always put you first, causing confusion and frustration.

So what are we doing about it?

We’re taking a new approach to our support policies, detailed below, to make sure we hear you when issues arise. We've gone through over 20 of our policies so far, and we have hundreds more to review. We will update all of them in the coming months to better support you and strengthen our partnership.

We’ll consider your driving history with us

Instead of one-size-fits-all policies, we’ll take your driving experience into account when reviewing rider feedback. This personal insight will make sure that the hundreds or thousands of great trips you’ve done are balanced against the occasional rider complaint.

We’ll use technology to confirm reports

Besides reviewing rider or driver feedback, we’ll also use technology to confirm if a report is accurate. For example, if a rider believes that his driver was different than the person in the app, the driver can use Real-Time ID Check to confirm his identity instead of waiting to contact us.

We'll value all feedback equally

In the past, we often enforced policies based on what a rider told us about a trip experience. We are reviewing these policies and will update them to rely on data and input from both drivers and riders to confirm claims that affect your earnings or account.

Help us continue to improve

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